Some Animation Outtakes for "River Styx" Video Program

I've been working on and off on the script of "River Styx" now for several years. It's just about ready to go into production.  The focus of this program is on transition (death, dreaming, wake/sleep, reincarnation, and more...) from a psychological perspective, mythopoetic perspective, meditational perspective.

As part of this process, I've been reviewing my library of video footage, both "documentary" travel & vacation stuff, as well as processed stuff (such as done in residency at The Experimental TV Center years ago). I've been employing of a number of software packages (Apps) to perform processing. I have been making use of dedicated hardware (glitch devices, wobulator). And I have made limited use of AI (Dali-E 2 & Crayon) to explore scene generation sourcing for later manipulation in Photoshop and misc. other apps. - Quite a range of tests and exploration!

I want to post a few examples of the AI-derived work for early last year to let you see short outtakes of scenes that may appear in the final full length edit. Enjoy!

Chairon the boatman rowing lost souls across the lake of fire
Lost soul wandering in the Wastelands
Souls waiting at river's edge to board the Ferryman's boat

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