Time of Awakening Series

With the projected roll-over of the Mayan Calendar from Bak’tun 13 to the new age of the Fifth Sun this Winter Solstice (Long Count =, I've been watching and taking note of a parade of interesting celestial events over the last sixth months (starting with the solar transit of Venus, the second of a pair of transits this cycle – the previous transit occurring in 2004). I decided to make a set of commemorative banners to celebrate this unique time period. Of course, to honor the Mayan Long Count vision, I utilized Mayan glyphs, symbology, mythology in these images.

For archeologists and linguists, understanding of Mayan symbols takes on a syncreatic flavor, with some meaning derived from the context of use within codexes and monument carvings, other meaning derived from analyzing the spoken dialects of the region to better “explain” the associations of specific glyphs to various objects, actions, etc. - which often relies upon homonyms of “sound alike” words to expand the meaning context. More visionary archeologists apply a mytho-astromonical analysis to better understand the cultural memes presented, and hope to reveal more esoteric meanings within and between them. The stories and meanings are reflected in the stars. As Above, So Below.

For myself, a mixed astrological / astronomical / archeological / mythical framework flavored by shamanic journey work and dreams enhances my own personal understanding of the mytho-poetic and esoteric meanings originally intended by these glyphs.

Here are the six images that I created:

Venus Transit – June 5, 2012    
1) In the top register, Venus’s path across the solar disk is recorded. Below, in sequence: an image of the solar corona, an image of Venus (with its glyph superimposed), and at the bottom, a glyph for a building or temple (i.e.; earth). Inside this building are two others glyphs: a skull representing the opening to the underworld, topped by one of the 9 Underworld gods. On either side, Vision Serpents open their mouths emitting the heads of ancestor figures - yielding prophecy, instruction, and/or desired communication.

Total Solar Eclipse – November 13, 2012
2) In the center, the total eclipse of the solar disk (marked with the solar deity ‘Ahau’ glyph) reveals the glowing coronal ring in the darkened sky. Directly below, a trio of rabbits guide the full lunar disk through the heavens. (The Mayans saw a rabbit in the moon rather than a human face.) At the bottom stands the goddess Ix Chel in her guise as Grandmother who rules over the moon, the tides, and lunar mysteries. A serpent in her headdress swallows the sun, revealing the total eclipse.

Jupiter / Moon Conjunction – November 29, 2012
3) This commemorates the first of two Jupiter–lunar conjunctions which occur in the last quarter of the year. Jupiter is emerging from the mouth of a Pleiadian sky dragon. (The Mayans believed their ancestors descended from a race of beings who originated in the Pleiades.) At the top, the Pleiades (7 Sisters) watch over this conjunction. The Mayan glyph for this star cluster is a rattlesnake’s rattle.

Pyramid Alignment – December 3, 2012
4) On this night, the planets of Mercury (hummingbird as messenger between the spirit realms, drinking medicine nectar from a Datura flower), Venus (sky jaguar holding the Venus glyph), and Saturn (emerging from a Vision Serpent), come into alignment vertically over the three main Egyptian pyramids in the Giza complex. Such a syzygy occurs once every 2,737 years. The Mayan turtle glyph (i.e.; Earth) in the bottom register of this image shows the three original “hearth stone” stars that mythically founded Mayan civilization. (We now refer to these three stars as Orion’s Belt.) The pyramids at Giza have been shown to exactly map the projection of Orion’s Belt.

Dark Rift Alignment (Winter Solstice) – December 21, 2012
5) On Winter Solstice, during the day, Mayan astronomers understood that the Sun would conjunct the center of the Milky Way (more specifically, the Dark Rift stretching long the central galactic horizon.). Although they could not see the actual alignment during the daylight, they knew that the band of the Milky Way would rotate to a near vertical overhead (in the same way that all of the visible stars rotate during the course of an evening around the axis of the North Star). Likewise, they understood that at midnight on Summer Solstice, the Pleiades (their source of origin) would rise to its zenith in the same sky location.

 The Dark Rift was known as the “Dark Road” or the “Royal Road”. It represented a path to ancestral origins, to the spirits, watchers and gods who resided in the sky realm. The turning of the Milky Way to its most vertical extent during Winter Solstice was mythically envisioned as the raising of the World Tree connecting the three realms (Heaven, Earth and the Underworld). At the base of the tree can be seen a god of the Underworld with his mouth open like a cave entrance deep into the earth. At the top of the tree is found a celestial bird, a symbol of the Polar Star. The arms of the tree (forming the “foliate cross”) symbolizes galactic plane overhead. In the top register appears a blue sky/star band glyphic pattern with a pair of sky gods rowing the celestial canoe across the heavens.

 At this year’s solstice, astronomically both Mars and Venus appear on opposite sides of a linear alignment with the sun. These are shown in the banner on each arm of the foliated cross (along with associated glyphs).

Jupiter / Pleiades / Moon Conjunction – December 25, 2012
6) This commemorates the second of two Jupiter–lunar conjunctions which occur in the last quarter of the year. Jupiter is held by the lunar rabbit and surmounted by a celestial crocodile (related to both Jupiter and the Vision Serpent). At the top, the Pleiades watch over this conjunction. (The Mayan glyph for this star cluster is a rattlesnake’s rattle.) Along the bottom register, a row of Buffo toads dance. This is the species of toad from which Mayan shaman, priests, and royalty extracted a DMT-based potion for use during vision quests.


What do you want? (Dance of the Skeletons)

Official video for the song What Do You Want? from the Gotye album Boardface

Animated and directed by Lucinda Schreiber
Lucinda on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user1657924

What do you want?
What do you want from us?
To ask you this much is just a matter of trust
Not an affront
What do you want?

Few here'd be true to your point of view
If they knew
What you want
Who here would choose
To walk in those shoes
Even you can't

So what do you want?
What do you want from us?

What do you want
What do you want that you cannot say?
Show us the faith we're supposed to display
Come what may...
You can't!

So what do you want?
What do you want from us?
It's a matter of trust
That you tell us just
What you want from us


Visionary Art by Fred Tomaselli

Artwork by Fred Tomaselli

Starry Night

Incredible Timelapse Video of the Night Sky Recorded Using a Fisheye Lens.

French photographer Stephane Vetter captured this outstanding time-lapse of the night sky using a Sigma 8 mm fisheye lens, meaning that what you see in the video is a true representation of the entire visible sky. Titled Leonid and Zodiacal Light, the brief but jaw-dropping clip was shot November 17th of this year and includes a five-hour star trail and Vetter even takes time to label signifiant stars and other objects visible in the sky. Make sure you watch it full-screen.

 Originally posted on Colossal.com.


Kundalini Chakra Mandala

Nice found image from Psychedelic Experience on Facebook:
by Karmym
Find more images and information on Psychedelic Experience's Facebook page.

Dec 21, 2012 Is Right Around the Corner

Interesting take on the cycling of the Mayan calendar round:

December 21, 2012:
Meeting Zero-Point and Beginning Anew

By Eden Sky
written Nov 8, 2012 . 13 N’oj . 8 Seed

Dec 21, 2012 is a date carved in stone by the Ancient Maya over 1300 years ago that indicates the completion of a World Age Cycle. It clearly marks the end of a 5,125 year cycle, and many independent researchers and indigenous messengers affirm it is also the completion of a nearly 26,000 year cycle.

This infamous date, now scarcely 40 days away, marks an end and a beginning simultaneously, called a “Creation Day” by the Maya, literally a return to Zero-Point. 

What does this really mean?
 It is a question we are all being summoned to ask ourselves. As we each witness and experience the turmoil and rapid change taking place on Planet Earth, it is clear our future is unknown, with all too many factors and influences to possibly account for. There are endless predictions, projections and hypotheses put forward to proclaim our possible collective future, but in reality no one can be certain of the path ahead.

This rapidly approaching Dec 21, 2012 Synchronization date can be understood as an alignment of vast timing cycles, both celestial and planetary in nature, that was recorded precisely to alert us of the potent opportunity of these times we are now living through. The Maya say we will be entering “The Fifth World.” The Aztecs call it the Dawning of “The Sixth Sun.” By whatever name, we are approaching the Turning of World Ages, and every single one of us in an essential player in these planetary moments!

Read the full article here on the 13Moon website.


Shaman Art - Starry Web

Well I have been in the hospital for a week now and today, being a bit bored,  I decided to take a photo of bedside myself that my wife shot (yesterday) and convert it to "art" using a handful of iPhone apps. So, here is the result. It's interesting enough that I think I want to try to work on a few more - see if a series develops based upon Ecstatic Body Postures.



I was rummaging around some work from a few years ago and decided that I wanted to see if it might be interesting to combine a few pieces into triptychs panels. Below are 2 of the resulting compositions. What do you think? The results are surprisingly powerful! Definitely something to explore more...

Durga Altar Triptych ©2012

Lady One Death Yantra Triptych ©2012

New research on the 'secret' communication of plants

'Voicemail' discovered in nature: new research on the 'secret' life of plants and insects that bug them - from Permaculture News - Tuesday, 19th June 2012

New research has discovered that insects receive soil messages from the past via changes in fungal community and that plants can indeed communicate with each other.

Insects can use plants as 'green phones' for communication with other bugs. A new study now shows that through those same plants insects are also able to leave 'voicemail' messages in the soil. Herbivorous insects store their voicemails via their effects on soil fungi. Researchers from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) and Wageningen University (WUR) discovered this unique messaging service in the ragwort plant. The influential journal Ecology Letters will soon publish these results.

A few years ago, NIOO scientists discovered that soil-dwelling and aboveground insects are able to communicate with each other using the plant as a telephone. Insects eating plant roots change the chemical composition of the leaves, causing the plant to release volatile signals into the air. This can convince aboveground insects to select another food plant in order to avoid competition and to escape from poisonous defence compounds in the plant. But the impact doesn't stop there.


CIrcle of Spirits

I just completed a new piece based upon journey imagery that I received a week ago. The work combines three sources of guidance from three different realms - the sky world, the tree world, and the ocean world.
CIrcle of the Spirits
In the nighttime sky, the Pleiades star cluster is overlaid with a constellation of an owl carrying a rattlesnake in its beak. (The rattle is the Mayan symbol of the Pleiades). The ocean quadrant is populated by whale and dolphins singing song lines of the deep (deep ocean, deep time). The forest quadrant presents a cathedral of redwood trees, the spirits of which are gathering in a ritual circle (called forth by Lady One Death, the great dark spirit of nature).


Memory Recalls... Venus Transit 2117

An email received from my cosmic astrologer and Ecstatic Body Posture instructor friend, Marianne:

After watching Venus/Sun events live from a web broadcast on Tuesday, I wondered "what will the NEXT Venus passage over the Sun look like, in 2117?"

Curiosity is a strange thing...when I pulled up the picture of the heavens for that day, I was stunned to see that the position of the Sun/Venus way in the future will be "just a claw away" from where the Eclipse of the Full Moon happened in the constellation of Scorpio just 30 hours before this current Venus passage in 2012! Talk about fore shadowing!!

It also makes me wonder what effect this day in our history will have for future generations to "recall"? Is it the shadow cast by the influence of hidden financial manipulations (Scorpio's realm) in politics, the likes of which this country has never "seen" before until this day in Wisconsin (re: failure of recall election)? 

And will the memory of our future "selves" in 2117 be searching for "clues" from our generation as to what we did to overcome the darkness and hopelessness that many are feeling about "who is really in control" of what sustains life here on Earth?

Psychedelic Skull

Here's one from Skull-a-Day blog:

347. Skulledelic A.K.A. May Cause Seizures Skull


Do Trees Communicate?

Watch this fascinating video.

Another source of information about tree (and plant) inter-species communication that I highly recommend is Stephen Harrod Buhner's "Lost Language of Plants." His work focuses on the pheromone signaling shared within plant communities as well as the impacts of industrial chemicals (medicines, solvents, caffeine, but especially estrogen analogues) which are disrupting such communication pathways - even when found only in trace amounts "in the wild." He also discusses the notion of "mother plants" that act to establish a foothold in an environment, then providing (via chemical extrusions and physical mechanisms such as shade and humidity moderation) a more hospitable ecosystem for a wider plant community to develop and thrive.


Conjunction Celebration

Jupiter Venus Conjunction ©2012

In late March and early April this year there was a series of conjunctions between the moon, Venus and Jupiter in the western skies at sunset. I took photos of these and thought that I would create some art to commemorate the energy exchange. Then, I came across a fantastical photo on my Pixable feed. I don't recall now who took this image nor who posted it. But it caught my fancy and I decided that I would use the planet catching meme in my own piece. Below, I have posted these original source (inspirational) images - the found photo is on the left, my photo is on the right.


Spirits of the Redwood Forest

Redwood Spirit Circle ©2012

I just completed this image based upon a journey that I undertook a few months back. During the session, I found myself in a deep redwood forest with sunlight filtering in long beams down to the soft, damp, needle-covered ground. The scent of the redwoods filled the air.

I was wondering about this location - was I understanding it correctly or not? How did I come to be here? How did this connect with my original journey intent querying about running for public office?

Slowly I realized that I was not alone, but surrounded by tall, elongated translucent white figures shimmering in the sparkling light of the woods. I immediately understood them to be the Spirits of the Redwood trees themselves. I queried them as to their purpose coming to me. One replied that they came to call me into their circle and to offer me their strength and courage from their perspective of a thousand years of watching the world go by. "Stand tall. Be strong and courageous as we are. We will be with you." I felt honored by their presence and their support.


Alien Dreamtime

Found image from Tumblr... Wake up to the "felt presence of immediate experience!" From the terence-mckenna-movie blog.

Terra Lucida (World of Light) with Terence McKenna (by ken adams)

Terra Lucida (World of Light) with Terence McKenna from Ken Adams on Vimeo.

Terra Lucida (World of LIghts) is an experimental animation with psychedelic visionary Terence McKenna. McKenna points to a realm of light beyond this current world - We are engaging an imaginatrix of unlimited revelation and post-DNA photon ecologies. McKenna indicates a portal for shamanistic journeying into worlds beyond life where Nothing really ends... The recordings were made circa 1989 in Petaluma, California with collaborator Britt Welin. Assorted vegetables and spore-bearing fruit were also present.

The Fungal Fantastical (with Paul Stamets)

Amazing short video clip with Paul Stamets talking about the complexity of plant communications and how fungi fit in...