Lo-fi Studio Exterior With Signal Noise


Circuit bent camera with video noise: studio exterior, prayer flags, patio containers in bloom, and Yama the cat.


Lo-Fi Views of Patio Outside My Studio


Circuit bent toy camera recordings of late Springtime / early Summertime patio with plants and Yama the cat.

Circuit Bent Portraits


Using a circuit bent toy camera from Letsglitchit, I'm able to get analog video image processing like results including posterization and colorization.

Circuit Bent Lo-Fi Spiritual Bather


Circuit bent camera rescan of Japanese bather.

Circuit Bent Cam Girl Siren

Circuit bent camera footage of cam girl siren Miki Woo

Circuit Bent Camera Studio Exterior


Early Summertime views of outside my studio - shot with circuit bent camera.

Psychedelic Lo-Fi 'Big Bang' Explosion

Started using a circuit bent camera from Letsglitchit for that psychedelic lo-fi analog video colorizer look. Rescanned off computer monitor QT playback. 


Circuit bent cameras and webcams: