Pachamama Healing Mandala

This is the piece I am showing in the Blue Door Gallery's "Healing Arts" show. I thought that I would add an offering element to the Pachamama mandala image as a way to energize the space and create an awareness of shamanic healing ritual.

Alien Dreamtime #2

I fed another one of my original artworks - Inka Dreamtime - into neural processing by the Deep Dreamer Mac app, similar to the settings use in previous post. This is 100 levels of deep dream (the current maximum allowed).

Alien Dreamtime #1

I fed my original artwork Spiral Dreamtime into neural processing by the Deep Dreamer Mac app, testing one of the "Level 5" settings, and generating an animated zoom into the hallucination.

NOISEDIVE - more Deep Dreaming!

Noisedive from Johan Nordberg on Vimeo.

This is what emerges when you recursively feed noise to a artificial neural network trained to recognise places (e.g. you give it an image and the response is something like 90% beach , 20% desert, 2% swimming pool).

The familiar shapes you see floating past is abstractions the network has made for the different categories. Some categories feature more prominently because the amount of images used to train them differ. For example the "fountain" category contains 111,496 images compared to only 883 in the "nuclear_power_plant" one. So that's why you see a lot more fountain like shapes than big chimneys.

There's a lot more to it than that of course, and this visualisation only shows you one of the many abstraction layers the network uses.

Based on the work by Google researches Alexander Mordvintsev, Christopher Olah and Mike Tyka

Read more at Google Research Labs blog:

Stoned Ape Theory

Anyone who has listened to Terence McKenna's recorded talks has probably heard a recounting of his version of the "out of Africa" human origins myth - in particular what caused the sudden growth of brain size, intelligence, self-awareness, social and artistic behaviors, language capabilities. Blame it on the mushroom! This short cartoon tells the story:

Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance

Famous skeleton cartoon made in 1929 by Disney.

Dreamtime Hiroshima

I came across this image processed thru a Deepdream filter - in honor of the souls lost during the two atomic bombs detonated over Japan in 1945. Let loose the dogs of war?