I was rummaging around some work from a few years ago and decided that I wanted to see if it might be interesting to combine a few pieces into triptychs panels. Below are 2 of the resulting compositions. What do you think? The results are surprisingly powerful! Definitely something to explore more...

Durga Altar Triptych ©2012

Lady One Death Yantra Triptych ©2012

New research on the 'secret' communication of plants

'Voicemail' discovered in nature: new research on the 'secret' life of plants and insects that bug them - from Permaculture News - Tuesday, 19th June 2012

New research has discovered that insects receive soil messages from the past via changes in fungal community and that plants can indeed communicate with each other.

Insects can use plants as 'green phones' for communication with other bugs. A new study now shows that through those same plants insects are also able to leave 'voicemail' messages in the soil. Herbivorous insects store their voicemails via their effects on soil fungi. Researchers from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) and Wageningen University (WUR) discovered this unique messaging service in the ragwort plant. The influential journal Ecology Letters will soon publish these results.

A few years ago, NIOO scientists discovered that soil-dwelling and aboveground insects are able to communicate with each other using the plant as a telephone. Insects eating plant roots change the chemical composition of the leaves, causing the plant to release volatile signals into the air. This can convince aboveground insects to select another food plant in order to avoid competition and to escape from poisonous defence compounds in the plant. But the impact doesn't stop there.


CIrcle of Spirits

I just completed a new piece based upon journey imagery that I received a week ago. The work combines three sources of guidance from three different realms - the sky world, the tree world, and the ocean world.
CIrcle of the Spirits
In the nighttime sky, the Pleiades star cluster is overlaid with a constellation of an owl carrying a rattlesnake in its beak. (The rattle is the Mayan symbol of the Pleiades). The ocean quadrant is populated by whale and dolphins singing song lines of the deep (deep ocean, deep time). The forest quadrant presents a cathedral of redwood trees, the spirits of which are gathering in a ritual circle (called forth by Lady One Death, the great dark spirit of nature).


Memory Recalls... Venus Transit 2117

An email received from my cosmic astrologer and Ecstatic Body Posture instructor friend, Marianne:

After watching Venus/Sun events live from a web broadcast on Tuesday, I wondered "what will the NEXT Venus passage over the Sun look like, in 2117?"

Curiosity is a strange thing...when I pulled up the picture of the heavens for that day, I was stunned to see that the position of the Sun/Venus way in the future will be "just a claw away" from where the Eclipse of the Full Moon happened in the constellation of Scorpio just 30 hours before this current Venus passage in 2012! Talk about fore shadowing!!

It also makes me wonder what effect this day in our history will have for future generations to "recall"? Is it the shadow cast by the influence of hidden financial manipulations (Scorpio's realm) in politics, the likes of which this country has never "seen" before until this day in Wisconsin (re: failure of recall election)? 

And will the memory of our future "selves" in 2117 be searching for "clues" from our generation as to what we did to overcome the darkness and hopelessness that many are feeling about "who is really in control" of what sustains life here on Earth?

Psychedelic Skull

Here's one from Skull-a-Day blog:

347. Skulledelic A.K.A. May Cause Seizures Skull