Fractal Foam of Being

I started playing with a fractal app for the iPad. Shades of 1980s! As I fooled around, I happened across a few interesting rendering settings that made me think of quantum energy fields. That got me wanting to create an image of emergent space filled with manifestations of Tara, Medicine Buddha, Mahakala, Dakinis and other protectors.

So this is the first image I came up with. At low rez (screen rez) it's hard to see the fine detail in the various "atoms" of Medicine Buddha who follow the sweeping curves of the fractal spaces. But there is a sense of pattern and energy exchange / flow in any case.

Can't wait to get this printed out LARGE (30"x36") to reveal the full details!

Green Tara in Field of Self-Manifestation


I've started to play around with various iPad graphics apps trying to see what might work for my imagery. I fell in love with 'Percolator.' I've been using it to create starry energy fields / auras around a figure, especially focused on CUs of the hands while in a meditation or yoga pose. Thus, the notion of the current MUDRA series.

I printed a number of them on this wacky silver 'holographic' paper which creates an interesting low-fi visual where black prints clearly but any color becomes a shimmery coat over the silver sparkle, seen best as certain angles. Well, I can't reproduce the effect directly via .jpgs. These have to be seen in person. (They are being shown in 'Photography Takes Over 2014' at the Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson - opening Sunday Feb. 2, 2-5pm.)

I have included a few of the 'base' images below (on white background).

And here is a colorful variant on one of these that I particularly like:

Terence McKenna Quotes

Over the last few months I have been collecting a few short snippets from various recorded McKenna talks (as posted on the Psychedelic Salon).

Here are four of them:

#1 - The felt presence of immediate experience is all you'll ever know...

#2 - Reclaim experience. Do not give your authenticity away!

#3 - What is the Primary Datum? Being Here Now!

#4 - The Plant Teachers as a gateway on the Path.