BARDO - Awakening from the Dream

A short overview of the importance and meaning of Bardo. "Life is a training for death." 


Setting Intentions Daily

Kara at Conduit of Joy recently posted this set of guidelines for setting your daily intentions:

It is important to set your intentions every day.  Intention setting first thing in the morning sets your course for clearer sailing for the rest of your day.  Call it whatever you want – an invocation, a prayer – setting your intentions in the morning, makes sure you are best aligned with your guides, and helps your intuition function at its highest level all day long.

a) Be thankful for what you have already been given. Why would the Universe throw some more your way if you don’t already appreciate what you have?
“I thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the abundance and good that I have already received.”

b) Call on your Higher Self and Guides. You need to specifically ask for who you wish to connect with.
“Higher Self, power animals, spirit guides, I ask for your help today to lead me in the direction of my soul’s highest growth.”

c) Ask for assistance in tuning up your talents to their highest use. We are here on Earth to use our talents to their best expression to help ourselves and others.
“I ask that you make me the best channel that I can be.  Help me to best discern and provide the most relevant information, in the most understandable way for myself or others in our soul’s highest growth.”

d) Be specific in asking for what you need. Is there something specific today you need help with?  The more specific your request can be the more specific the guidance can be.  Being specific also strengthens your intuition.
“I ask that you help me today with knowing the right things to do and say in this job interview, so that I may move towards the job that is in my soul’s highest growth.

e) Make sure you practice good spiritual hygiene, so you keep only the guests you invite in your energy field.
“I close off my aura to all but my own Higher Self and those Beings of the Highest Vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul.”

You may wish to use some type of closing or gratitude again.  Some folks also use protections as part of their intention setting.  Your practice will vary with your personal beliefs, preferences and specific needs from day to day.  However, covering the basic elements will help you tune in to your best intuitive information all the time.



The Magic of the Spirit Realm

I periodically meditate on the issue of iconography (physical/visual form) and how this relates to the Buddhist notion that everything is MIND, everything is ONE (and so forth) according to deepest Buddhist teachings. Within these traditions, there is an understanding of the surface (apparent) truth and of deeper (hidden) esoteric truths. In the case of a figure such as Tara, she is seen as a female embodiment of the Buddha. Of course, ultimately, there is only one Buddha MIND such that everything is encompassed. To speak of Tara as a differentiated figure is thus somewhat misleading. Although she presents herself that way to the practitioner/meditator, deep down, it's all mind energy of the ONE (voidness)... Likewise, when the Buddhist teaching of death and rebirth are examined, the Bardo teachings, it is explicitly said that what you experience after death is based upon your expectations. The demons and protectors of the Bardo realm are a mental construct. Self projection of the mind's delusions.


Goddesses of the Elements

This is the second series of images that I discovered in my dusty digital closet. The Elemental Goddess panels were created in 2004.






Goddess Creation Panels

Going thru my image closet... Came across some stuff from 2004 that I thought I would share. This is an early set of mandalas - a five part series of Goddess Creation panels.

Birthing the World of Forms

Birthing the World of Plants

Birthing the World of Animals

Birthing the World of Frequency Keepers

Birthing the World of Ancestors