A Wobbulator of My Own!

 Last fall I participated in a hands-on DIY workshop to build a personal Wobbulator. (The workshop was organized and run by the artist Jen Kutler who patiently provided instructions, as well as the required raw materials such as special coil wire and "S" coil armature. All each participant had to do was bring in two functioning B&W analog TV sets - one for the final Wobbulator and one for cannibalized coil parts.)

Below is some workshop footage of me winding my "S" coil and an initial test of the finished Wobbulator. Also, a short documentary on the Paik-Abe Wobbulator.

wobbulator setup in studio
Wobbulator setup in studio with power amps, rescan video camera, and MIDI controller for adjustment of oscillators' frequencies and strength.

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