Processing Experiments: Phosphortron

Yet another signal processing option to show sample output from: Phosphrotron by Eric Souther & Laura McGough

Phosphortron is a video instrument that emulates the phosphor trails found in analog cathode ray tube (CRT) oscilloscopes and television monitors. The instrument uses a computer vision technique called frame difference, which compares the current frame versus the previous frame and analyzes change based on a threshold pixel by pixel. The trail duration function controls how long previous information stays on screen before fading away the simulated phosphors. Edge detection is utilized in conjunction with frame difference, to isolate and accentuate the outlines to loosen the raster image towards the simulated aesthetics of vector drawing.

See more about the app: https://www.ericsouther.com/toolmaking-1

Eric is also one of a pair of developers, along with Jason Bernagozzi, for the powerful Signal Culture video processing apps: http://signalculture.org/appclub.html

Here is a sample of the source footage that I have been using for processing. It will be part of an upcoming video program tentatively entitled "River Styx"...