Chernobyl West

 I'm posting a few of my early video works from 'back in the days' of neophyte vidiots, EAI, The Kitchen (in Soho), Mudd Club video nights, and analog video processing via The Experimental Television Center.

Chernobyl West 1986 (7:48)


Video art from 1986 - narrative about the after effects of a hypothetical nuclear power plant meltdown occurring in upstate NY. (Note: approx. 40 seconds of color bars at start of recording.)

Welcome to Vacationland

I'm posting a few of my early video works from 'back in the days' of neophyte vidiots, EAI, The Kitchen (in Soho), Mudd Club video nights, and analog video processing via The Experimental Television Center.


Greetings From Vacationland 1986 (28:02)


It's not all billboard perfect in Vacationland - everywhere one looks, environmental concerns are rampant. Join us on a summer visit full of unexpected surprises. (Note: approx. 40 seconds of color bars at start of recording.)


Lo-fi Studio Exterior With Signal Noise


Circuit bent camera with video noise: studio exterior, prayer flags, patio containers in bloom, and Yama the cat.


Lo-Fi Views of Patio Outside My Studio


Circuit bent toy camera recordings of late Springtime / early Summertime patio with plants and Yama the cat.

Circuit Bent Portraits


Using a circuit bent toy camera from Letsglitchit, I'm able to get analog video image processing like results including posterization and colorization.

Circuit Bent Lo-Fi Spiritual Bather


Circuit bent camera rescan of Japanese bather.

Circuit Bent Cam Girl Siren

Circuit bent camera footage of cam girl siren Miki Woo

Circuit Bent Camera Studio Exterior


Early Summertime views of outside my studio - shot with circuit bent camera.

Psychedelic Lo-Fi 'Big Bang' Explosion

Started using a circuit bent camera from Letsglitchit for that psychedelic lo-fi analog video colorizer look. Rescanned off computer monitor QT playback. 


Circuit bent cameras and webcams: 



 I just completed a short video piece call "ORACLE" scrounging footage collected over the years. It's sort of the equivalent to an 'ear worm'... the idea has been floating around in my head for awhile. This makes use of real world footage and image processed footage (via LUMEN app for MacOS). The final program is 2:30 in length. Enjoy!

Remember what Morphius told Neo in The Matrix - "What was said, was said for you alone."

Use this link to view the video on Vimeo.

Spirit Fire Dance

I have started working on footage for a larger video project entitled "Crossing the Styx"... As you might imagine based upon the Greek myth, this will be about the Underworld, Bardo, Dreamtime... About crossing over. More details and samples as I develop the script further. Suffice to say in a section involving Shamanic journeying, I plan to use found footage of UTE fire dancers. The samples below show some of the processing that I am achieving using a really nice Mac-based video synthesis app called LUMEN.



Temple Variations

 The newest update to PhotoRoom app has a feature that allows a cloud effect to be added in front of the subject or behind it in the background. Wanted to play with that a bit, so I decided to make use of a found image of this Hindu temple looming overhead. I also added the rays background to the masked temple object. I find the overall results to be exciting and evocative. (Check out the transparent mirage effect in the 3rd video!) Is there a possible temple / shrine / sacred ruin series brewing??

Pareidolia - seeing things in the sky


Angry Sky Goddess

I came across another one of my Pareidolia videos - can't recall exactly how I created this. Anyway, the face is from a Marilyn Monroe video found somewhere on the web. 

When I get a chance, I'll post a few more Pareidolia videos.


'From the Studio' newsletter


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Less Is More

'Less Is More' is the current exhibition at Upstream Gallery. It's described as a Juried National Small Works Exhibition running from January 7th through January 31st. Open Thursday - Sunday, 12:30 - 5:30pm

8 Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, 10706

email: UpstreamGallery26@gmail.com

gallery phone: 914-674-8548

I have work in the show - a small 5.5"x3.5"x3" sculptural piece entitled Portable Healing Shrine. This piece is built upon a found object (a small hand made, hand-painted Hindu shrine that I found at the AsiaBarong marketplace in Great Barrington). While the found shrine was rather crudely made and painted, I thought it would be fun to use the wooden framework to create a personal shrine using my own imagery. 

A selection of images follow:

a front view of the shrine with all doors closed

the shrine under its protective glass jar in the gallery

a view with one side door partially opened
showing Medicine Buddha and emerging lotus

the shrine with all outer doors open
showing hands making offerings (multiple panels) and
Protective Dakinis dancing on the doors of the inner-most realm

the doors of the inner sanctum opened to reveal
the meditating Medicine Buddha flanked by flaming lotus flowers


What to Watch on Vimeo

I've set up several Vimeo showcases that allow viewing sets of related videos and animations by project. (Will open in new window)
Forest Gods Jungle Spirits (2018-2020)

Buddhaverse Variations (2020)

Excerpts from Experimental Television Center
(from various residencies 1987-1993)