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Heart Sutra Chanted by Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama reciting Prajnaparamita mantra from the "Heart Sutra"



Guidelines for the Path

"Do not put your faith in traditions, even though they have been accepted for long generations and in many countries. Do not believe a thing because many repeat it. Do not accept a thing on the authority of one or another of the sages of old, nor on the grounds of statements as found in the books. Never believe anything because probability is in its favor. Do not believe in that which you yourself have imagined, thinking that a god has inspired it. Believe nothing merely on the authority of teachers or priests. After examination, believe that which you have tested for yourself and found reasonable, which is in conformity with your well being and that of others." Kalama Sutta - Buddha



A Timely Message!

Image picked up from The Psychedelic Salon (podcast 287 notes).


Divine Changemakers: Maximize the 11/11 Gateway

the following came as part of Selacia's Council of 12 Message e-newsletter:  

You as a divine changemaker are alive now to do great things that could not have been done before. These things are not ordinary; they can only be done by someone with an extraordinary mindset and a light-filled consciousness.

To do something outside of the conventional norm involves courage, persistence, and taking action on what you say you believe in. Divine changemakers learn to do this. You are learning to do this, despite the world's chaos and uncertainty.

At the core of your being, you are not uncertain. You trust that you are guided each step of the way.

You are being guided right now, as you read these words, to prepare for and take advantage of key energetic gateways occurring during Earth's pivotal years. One of those gateways occurs this Friday on 11/11. On that date a unique gateway will be available, providing a beneficial opening of expanded potential and divine grace. The spiritual energies of such gateways cannot be measured with a linear yardstick - they are vast and boundless. Possibilities for shifting your life into a higher frequency are greatly magnified.

How can you maximize the potency of the 11/11 gateway?

First, become conscious that the gateway energies exist, staying present in your life in the days leading up to and following a gateway opening. If you're not already feeling it, the energies impacting you and everyone you love are getting more potent this week with the full moon Thursday and the 11/11 gateway opening Friday. You may experience these energies in a number of ways - expansion, intensity, fluctuation, uncertainty, sensitivity, or joy. Knowing what's in store helps you to stay on track and in your center.

Second, let go of agendas and expectations. Simply invite a connection with the beneficial energies and be open to receive them.

Third, if possible gather on 11/11 with a group of like-minded people focused on spiritual transformation. The group configuration and your intent to connect with spiritual openings is the key.

Fourth, don't be concerned about where you stand in relation to others, what kind of progress you have made since the last gateway, or how achievable your ascension is. It is pointless to worry that you haven't done enough in the past. Be present now. Invite your higher wisdom to show you what's most appropriate to focus on and take action on that. This is how you create powerfully, regardless of whether you're experiencing a gateway or another energy.  

Fifth, remember that you live in a very potent time. An energy of awakening is building and there are gateways like 11/11 allowing quantum shifting. No matter what day it is, don't wait to do the amazing things only you can do. Don't wait to offer your help to others who need what you can give. Don't wait to shine your beautiful light. The time is now.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2011 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved 


Sacred Art Book Available

Prajnaparamita Beauty Way Mandala

I have just created a prototype book of my sacred art images (thangkas and mandalas) which includes commentary, visualizations, prayers and biographical information. The book is a large format 11" x 13" 50 page hardcover titled "Beauty Way" which I created using Apple's iPhoto self-publishing tools. I am currently in the process of investigating other lower cost print-on-demand publishing services and ones which may allow an electronic iBook or iPad app option. Stay tuned!

For more information or to share ideas concerning book publishers, please email me.

The Magic of Flowers

This is a video by Vladimir Vorobyov


BARDO - Awakening from the Dream

A short overview of the importance and meaning of Bardo. "Life is a training for death." 


Setting Intentions Daily

Kara at Conduit of Joy recently posted this set of guidelines for setting your daily intentions:

It is important to set your intentions every day.  Intention setting first thing in the morning sets your course for clearer sailing for the rest of your day.  Call it whatever you want – an invocation, a prayer – setting your intentions in the morning, makes sure you are best aligned with your guides, and helps your intuition function at its highest level all day long.

a) Be thankful for what you have already been given. Why would the Universe throw some more your way if you don’t already appreciate what you have?
“I thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the abundance and good that I have already received.”

b) Call on your Higher Self and Guides. You need to specifically ask for who you wish to connect with.
“Higher Self, power animals, spirit guides, I ask for your help today to lead me in the direction of my soul’s highest growth.”

c) Ask for assistance in tuning up your talents to their highest use. We are here on Earth to use our talents to their best expression to help ourselves and others.
“I ask that you make me the best channel that I can be.  Help me to best discern and provide the most relevant information, in the most understandable way for myself or others in our soul’s highest growth.”

d) Be specific in asking for what you need. Is there something specific today you need help with?  The more specific your request can be the more specific the guidance can be.  Being specific also strengthens your intuition.
“I ask that you help me today with knowing the right things to do and say in this job interview, so that I may move towards the job that is in my soul’s highest growth.

e) Make sure you practice good spiritual hygiene, so you keep only the guests you invite in your energy field.
“I close off my aura to all but my own Higher Self and those Beings of the Highest Vibration who are with me at the choice of my soul.”

You may wish to use some type of closing or gratitude again.  Some folks also use protections as part of their intention setting.  Your practice will vary with your personal beliefs, preferences and specific needs from day to day.  However, covering the basic elements will help you tune in to your best intuitive information all the time.



The Magic of the Spirit Realm

I periodically meditate on the issue of iconography (physical/visual form) and how this relates to the Buddhist notion that everything is MIND, everything is ONE (and so forth) according to deepest Buddhist teachings. Within these traditions, there is an understanding of the surface (apparent) truth and of deeper (hidden) esoteric truths. In the case of a figure such as Tara, she is seen as a female embodiment of the Buddha. Of course, ultimately, there is only one Buddha MIND such that everything is encompassed. To speak of Tara as a differentiated figure is thus somewhat misleading. Although she presents herself that way to the practitioner/meditator, deep down, it's all mind energy of the ONE (voidness)... Likewise, when the Buddhist teaching of death and rebirth are examined, the Bardo teachings, it is explicitly said that what you experience after death is based upon your expectations. The demons and protectors of the Bardo realm are a mental construct. Self projection of the mind's delusions.


Goddesses of the Elements

This is the second series of images that I discovered in my dusty digital closet. The Elemental Goddess panels were created in 2004.






Goddess Creation Panels

Going thru my image closet... Came across some stuff from 2004 that I thought I would share. This is an early set of mandalas - a five part series of Goddess Creation panels.

Birthing the World of Forms

Birthing the World of Plants

Birthing the World of Animals

Birthing the World of Frequency Keepers

Birthing the World of Ancestors


Everything is Energy, Everything is Power

The number one Cosmic Law is that everything is Energy, Everything is Power and all that exist in this world are made up of that Power. It comes in all forms, in plants and animals, in people you meet and people you work with, it can be people who irritate you and cause trouble in your world - it can be family, children, lovers, and it should always be first and foremost, yourself.


from Mary Pompeo' blog.


Wake from Your Worldly Sleep

The iris pond has flowered
Before the old temple;
I sell tea this evening
By the water's edge.
It is steeped in the cups
With the moon and stars;
Drink and wake forever
From your worldly sleep.

- Baisao (1675-1763)

Iris Plant Spirit Mandala


The End of Suffering

May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the cosmos
Even in the darkest spots living beings are able to hear it clearly
So that all suffering in them cease,
understanding comes to their heart
And they transcend the path of sorrow and death.
The universal dharma door is already open
The sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens
A beautiful child appears in the heart of the lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water is enough
to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers.
Listening to the bell I feel the afflictions in me begin to dissolve
My mind calm, my body relaxed
A smile is born on my lips
Following the sound of the bell, my breath brings me back
to the safe island of mindfulness
In the garden of my heart,
the flowers of peace bloom beautifully.

~Thich Nhat Hanh


The Greatest Wisdom

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.



The Peace of Wild Things

When despair grows in me
and I wake in the middle of the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting for their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.

- Wendell Berry

via Poem Hunter


"Three Seeds" - Another Take on the 5th Sun?

from Reality Sandwich:

Image by Niffty Neal Fowler
Used courtesy of a Creative Commons license

Once upon a time, the tribe of humanity embarked upon a long journey called Separation. It was not a blunder as some - seeing its ravages upon the planet - might think. Nor was it a fall, nor an expression of some innate evil peculiar to the human species.

It was a journey with a purpose: to experience the extremes of Separation, to develop the gifts that come in response to it, and to integrate all of that in a new age of Reunion.

But we knew at the outset that there was danger in this journey: that we might become lost in Separation and never come back. We might become so alienated from nature that we would destroy the very basis of life; we might become so separated from each other that our poor egos, left naked and terrified, would become incapable of rejoining the community of all being.

In other words, we foresaw the crisis we face today.

That is why, thousands of years ago, we planted three seeds that would sprout at the time that our journey of Separation reached its extreme. Three seeds, three transmissions from the past to the future, three ways of preserving and transmitting the truth of the world, the self, and how to be human.

Imagine you were alive thirty thousand years ago, and had a vision of all that was to come: symbolic language, naming and labeling the world; agriculture, the domestication of the wild, dominion over other species and the land; the Machine, the mastery of natural forces; the forgetting of how beautiful and perfect the world is; the atomization of society; a world where humans fear even to drink of the streams and rivers, where we live among strangers and don't know the people next door, where we kill across the planet with the touch of a button, where the seas turn black and the air burns our lungs, where we are so broken that we dare not remember that it isn't supposed to be this way.

Imagine you saw it all coming. How would you help people thirty thousand years thence? How would you send information, knowledge, aid over such a vast gulf of time? You see, this actually happened. That is how we came up with the three seeds.

Continue reading 'Three Seeds' here: http://www.realitysandwich.com/three_seeds


Nirvana in climate chaos and peak oil

February 28, 2011 By Andrew Durling


Medicine Wheel

How can Buddhism help us deal with fear and anxiety as we face of the converging issues of peak oil and climate change?

One way is to understand that the reality of climate change is inseparable from the actual, specific experiences of living beings here and now.

Climate change is not some external, impersonal phenomenon that exists separately from all other phenomena, and especially from people. It’s actually a dimension of our daily experience, an aspect of the suffering that is an inexorable part of our lives.

In recognizing that climate change is suffering, and that climate change is a pervasive and an increasingly pressing part of our lives, then we have to face up to it in the same way that we have to face up to that ultimate dimension of our suffering: our own death and the loss of all we are and have.

Death be not proud

Facing up to our own death is a good analogy for how we have to learn to face up to climate chaos.

Recognizing the reality of global warming and the horror and fear that it induces offers a moment of clarity. We can then use that clear-eyed recognition to strip away what is meaningless and trivial from our lives and re-focus on what will help us to move with a renewed sense of purpose, beyond the fear, to meaningful action.

So many people who find out that they have a terminal illness go on to fill what time they have left doing what they always really wanted but never got around to. Ironically, overcoming the often overly suppressed (but often mentally disruptive) fear of death can be the prelude to a more joyful and fulfilling life, as philosophers, psychologists and religious teachers have told us through the ages.

In the same way, helping ourselves and others to overcome the denial or suppression of the reality of climate change can help to create the motivation to engage in ways of living that are more fulfilling and creative than before.


Buddhist Prayer for Peace

May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illnesses.
May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free.
May the powerless find power, and may people think of befriending one another.
May those who find themselves in trackless, fearful wildernesses — the children, the aged, the unprotected - be guarded by beneficent celestials, and may they swiftly attain Buddhahood.

Celestial Protectors

Repeat this prayer with offerings during this time when so many in our world are struggling to walk the path of freedom and leave the realms of suffering behind. May we embody Pure Land energies for the benefit of all sentient beings. May we serve those around us to the best of our ability with wisdom and with compassionate hearts.