Buddha Self via Dreamscope

More art images passed thru various Deep Dreaming filters. Interesting results.


Night Blooming Cactus

And now for something totally different - some GIFs of cactus blooming. Pollinated by bats or moths? Another sort of dreamtime.

Echinopsis enthusiast Greg Krehel has a knack for catching these blooming succulents in the act. Original posting from Colossal. With link to Vimeo movie of "best of" this year's bloom footage.

Forest Goddess Dreamtime

Here are some more images processed via the Dreamscope web interface (see previous posting for details). In this posting, I've selected some samples based upon images from the Forest Goddess / Pachamama series. The samples show a progression from heightened edge details to full blown crazy tripping.

Deep Dreaming Tara Mandalas

The Dreamscope site is another Deep Dreaming web interface for processing images. There's a selection of 15 filters (various pre-configured neural net levels and feedback settings)... This site is kind of fu and addictive in that it responds quickly and there are hardly any queuing / processing delays. (I wish the output wasn't limited to 800x600 however.)

I've been playing around with a number of images and filters. Interesting and often crazy stuff. Several results really stood out as being interesting without totally overwhelming the original image. Here is a set from the Tara Mandala series:

And here is one more from this Tara series that I thought was striking:


Deep Dreaming on the Fractal Ocean of Being

There is a web interface to the DeepDreamBot processing engine which is currently being run "gratis" by a research group in Japan. (Note, however, there is an extensive queue of images waiting to be processed. Not surprising.) One can also surf back thru previously processed images - 300 per page. It's interesting to see so many examples of what works and what does not work with the neural net.

I decided to try out the Deep Dreaming neural net processor with a couple of my own images. I selected some from the Fractal Ocean of Being series which make use of a fractal dimensional space (what else?) encompassing an emergent Green Tara, around whom various enlightened beings and Protectors emerge and disappear in the quantum foam of spacetime.

Below are the BEFORE and AFTER results of being processed by Deep Dreaming software. (Click to enlarge for better detail.)





#deepdream #inceptionism

Since sample images were released last month, Google's DEEP DREAM neural network software has spread like wildfire across the meme-scape of the Internet. By now most everyone has seen at least a few of these remarkable, strange and disquieting images created by a sort of feedback processing within the layers of neural net's visual recognition algorithms. Self manifesting eidetic visions of a silicon brain.

Here is a 5 minute deep zoom into random noise - what emerges eventually, magically, is a panoply of animals, insects, faces, eyes - an every changing Rorschach of imaginal species. Wonderful! (Watch it full screen!)

Reflections upon Deep Dream Neural Netting

A recent post that caught my eye by Michael Mcamis on the FB page of the Psychedelic Salon. His questions / thoughts / reflections pretty much sum up the impact of these images - essential questions especially if you are an artist, neuroscientist, psychonaut, philosopher, Buddhist, or simply schizophrenic. Deep Dream imagery will change you forever. It's a blue pill.

After this new wave of googles neural network.. We have to start questioning things. 
Why does this look like DMT land or the LSD overlay? 
Are we really encountering beings? Going to strange lands? 
Our brain's are very magical. I am convinced that we can just see all the layers that it takes to create our world. When we are in altered states, we are in direct communication with our brain and anything it creates. 
We run simulations for EVERYTHING in our small super computer that is more powerful than all the computational power on the planet. It is capable of creating an entire universe just because you want to go to the store.
You are indeed a dream within a dream...
You never met god, you never seen an alien.. You have met yourself and have made up a simulation with aliens in it... It's just not real.

Although this outlook might seem Solipsistic in the extreme, it can serve as a reminder to always question question question our thoughts, our dreams, our experiences - especially those within altered states. If we do build our reality moment-by-moment within our heads, then surely we should strive to create one that is full of joy, wonder, curiosity, the unexpected. We should strive to be be respectful and compassionate to all beings, whether self-generated, imaginary or not.

Tavis Summertime

It's summertime and the fields are full of life - flowers, bees, birds. Insects and animals of all types. And at night, fireflies. To celebrate this refulgence, I selected a few gif animations from Bill Tavis's tumblr site.

The first three are Texas Bluebonnet, a form of native Lupine. Is this what a bee experiences?

This one is some sort of Coreopsis or most likely, Gaillardia. 

And just so everything isn't all soft and fuzzy, below is a wicked thorny rose cane.

Animations from the tumblr site TAVIS.