PhotoMoshing found footage of Golden Butoh

Here are some other sample examples of video FX processing the found footage of Golden Butoh (Daidogei) Dance Troupe from Japan. This time, the examples are all from a program called PhotoMosh Pro running on my Mac. The SW has an endless variety of processing options as each "process filter" has specific adjustments, as well as allowing multiple "process filters" to be stacked on each other for more complex FX. (Filter configurations can be saved and reloaded, parameters edited.) This does require a rendering step for final output (GIF or video). 

Lots of great FX (some of which almost appear analog in nature), and great fun to experiment with! In these examples, I've focused on configuring a rescan / scanline visual FX combined with VCR noise glitch FX to form the basis of processing output.

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