Divine Changemakers: Maximize the 11/11 Gateway

the following came as part of Selacia's Council of 12 Message e-newsletter:  

You as a divine changemaker are alive now to do great things that could not have been done before. These things are not ordinary; they can only be done by someone with an extraordinary mindset and a light-filled consciousness.

To do something outside of the conventional norm involves courage, persistence, and taking action on what you say you believe in. Divine changemakers learn to do this. You are learning to do this, despite the world's chaos and uncertainty.

At the core of your being, you are not uncertain. You trust that you are guided each step of the way.

You are being guided right now, as you read these words, to prepare for and take advantage of key energetic gateways occurring during Earth's pivotal years. One of those gateways occurs this Friday on 11/11. On that date a unique gateway will be available, providing a beneficial opening of expanded potential and divine grace. The spiritual energies of such gateways cannot be measured with a linear yardstick - they are vast and boundless. Possibilities for shifting your life into a higher frequency are greatly magnified.

How can you maximize the potency of the 11/11 gateway?

First, become conscious that the gateway energies exist, staying present in your life in the days leading up to and following a gateway opening. If you're not already feeling it, the energies impacting you and everyone you love are getting more potent this week with the full moon Thursday and the 11/11 gateway opening Friday. You may experience these energies in a number of ways - expansion, intensity, fluctuation, uncertainty, sensitivity, or joy. Knowing what's in store helps you to stay on track and in your center.

Second, let go of agendas and expectations. Simply invite a connection with the beneficial energies and be open to receive them.

Third, if possible gather on 11/11 with a group of like-minded people focused on spiritual transformation. The group configuration and your intent to connect with spiritual openings is the key.

Fourth, don't be concerned about where you stand in relation to others, what kind of progress you have made since the last gateway, or how achievable your ascension is. It is pointless to worry that you haven't done enough in the past. Be present now. Invite your higher wisdom to show you what's most appropriate to focus on and take action on that. This is how you create powerfully, regardless of whether you're experiencing a gateway or another energy.  

Fifth, remember that you live in a very potent time. An energy of awakening is building and there are gateways like 11/11 allowing quantum shifting. No matter what day it is, don't wait to do the amazing things only you can do. Don't wait to offer your help to others who need what you can give. Don't wait to shine your beautiful light. The time is now.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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