Processing Experiments: Waaave_Pool

So I've been playing around with some new hardware signal processing devices. Of particular interest is the Waaave_Pool RPI system configured, programed and sold by Andrei Jay (who describes himself as 'a mathematician, video artist, educator, and soft/hardware designer.') Waave_Pool is very cool! I will be posting a number of short video clips processed thru it next. WAAAVE_POOL is a framebuffer delay/video feedback generator and video synthesis system based on a switchable feedback/feedforward video delay. For more info on the device: https://andreijaycreativecoding.com/WAAAVE_POOL He has other devices built around the same Raspberry Pie: https://andreijaycreativecoding.com/Video-Synthesis-Ecosphere-RPI

Here is a sample of the source footage that I have been using for processing. It will be part of an upcoming video program tentatively entitled "River Styx"...

Sample of processed footage using Waave_Pool:

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