Processing Experiments: Circuit Bent Vizual Noize Enhancer

One more circuit bent processing device to show sample output from: Circuit Bent Vizual Noize Enhancer Lofi Video Synth by statikstramentz

This unit takes composite video in and outputs, well as the name suggests, NOIZE enhanced video. Gotta be subtle with the adjustments or the signal will go out of NTSC spec range. Although statikstramentz recommends output to a good ol' analog CRT and thence rescan (or possibly projection?), I've found that the glitched signal is much more usable than expected - I can feed it into a composite-> HDMI converter and thence into a HDMI->USB digitizer for recapture on computer. I've even fed the output into a professional TBC with decent results. (Of course, you've got to experiment and move the unit's control knobs slowly because too far one way of the other WILL cause the signal to go out of spec and thus "blank out" the encoder or the TBC. Just sayin'...)

"This compact video synth has been created to let you conjure various warped distortions, smeared pixelations, overdriven white mosaics and other various effects. As usual with circuit bent video effects-differing effects can be achieved depending on what you connect to this device-both in and out. Composite video source (camcorder, DVD, VHS, etc.) input. Composite video output. For best/trouble free results, best viewed on / rescanned from an old school (analog CRT) television."

See sample work: instagram.com/statikstramentz

Find out more at his storefront:


Here is a sample of the source footage that I have been using for processing. It will be part of an upcoming video program tentatively entitled "River Styx"...

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