Processing Experiments: Lumen App

 I have also been using an analog-style software video synthesizer - Lumen - for the Mac. There's a wide range of synthesis and processing effects that can be achieved - way to much to delve into here... Been processing footage for my upcoming video program tentatively titled "River Styx."

"Lumen is a Mac App that makes it easy for you to create engaging visuals in real time. Use the same process with Lumen as you would with a hardware video synth, but with modern features only software can provide. With a semi-modular design that is both playable and deep, Lumen is the perfect way to get into video synthesis."

Check Lumen's features out:  https://lumen-app.com

Here is a sample of the source footage that I have been using for processing. It will be part of an upcoming video program tentatively entitled "River Styx"...

Sample of processed footage using Lumen:

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