Ritual Posture: Sub-Saharan Soothsayer

The Nupe Mallam Posture

7.02.08 Cancer New Moon - The Nupe Mallam pose is a "divination" pose of the Nupe tribe. It is purported to provide a wide, all-encompassing perspective on a current issue or problem.

My own trance journey begins with witnessing the Mallam repeatedly tossing and reading a set of painted and marked augury bones. Only the Mallam is not African, but rather a lone Lama hermit in a stone hut somewhere in the hills of Tibet. Behind him on the altar is a crystal skull. He finally gives me a reading in a few short phrases indicating that September will be an important time of change, then tells me to give butter lamp offerings to the skull... The journey ends with a vision of a wide blue lake with a flock of white egrets taking flight over the waters, their reflections shimmering. The positions of the birds echo the 9 major stars of the Pleiades. Thus, I am told this is to be a meditation symbol to use for attunement to the Pleiadian Star Ancestors.

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