Ritual Posture: Singing Shaman

Singing Shaman Pose

8.02.08 Leo New Moon - Figures carved in the Singing Shaman posture have been found in places as varied as Melanesia and New Guinea to Alaska and Central America. The oldest known figure is from Cyclades Island, in Greece, about 5000 years old. This is a posture in which a sound is intentionally made during trance, affecting people both emotionally and physically, and it is often felt to be intensely healing and heart opening. (The sound vocalization is an short "a" as in "father", repeated on the extended out-breath for the duration of the trance session.) The sound produces a dynamic vortex or channel connecting dimensions.

In my trance, I first noticed vibrant phosphene snakes inter-twining in the sky across the horizon, forming a woven diamond matrix, the fabric of spacetime. Above, high at the apex of the sky, a burning log wheel complete with 4 Navaho Sky Gods riding on each of its four spokes slowly rotated. Under the bright moonlight I found myself transformed into a tall cactus with white fragrant flowers. All around me, animal and ancestor spirits moved about, many joining in the ritual song.

Other workshop participants reported seeing spiraling DNA and similar all-over woven patterns. Many participants spoke of being "at one" and feeling as if there were a multitude of animal spirits and ancestors joining in the trance sounding. Some heard the sounds to become like animal cries, angel's voices or chants and spoken words. Most reported a clearing or opening of their heart chakras.

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