Ritual Posture: The Lady of Cholula

The Lady of Cholula

3.07.08 New Moon. Mars opposite Pluto. Divination posture - The Lady of Cholula is a wise old Grandmother who can give sage counsel to your intended question. (Cholula was an important religious center in the Pueblo province of central Mexico, established by the Toltecs, to later become an Aztec center devoted to Quetzalcoatl.)

In my journey, a old woman waits for me by a hearth. She offers me a small cob pipe to smoke and a small glass of Agave (homemade Tequila). She asks me to call her "Grandmother." She says that I need to learn to relax more, enjoy more. Sit, smoke, drink and tell stories with friends. Enjoy life. She takes me into her backyard garden, refulgent with flowers, birds and butterflies. She says that she plants the seeds, waters the garden, does some weeding. But ultimately, no matter what your desire or intent, the plant will grow in its own way, according to its own internal essence. Let the plant be and simply enjoy its self-expression. Likewise it is with people, especially those you nurture and teach. She then tells me to spend time with the Ancestors and to be certain to return often to sit and visit with her.

Other workshop participants have journey visions of a giant web being spun, the Web of Life, the Web of Causality. Spirit guides such as a black bear transform into the Great Dipper. Around a ceremonial fire, figures trance dance. Magical transformation is everywhere.

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