Planetary Mandala

I recently started work on a new series the I have been thinking of as planetary Goddess mandalas. I suppose this might seem astrologically influenced, but not exactly. More shamanically attuned / intended.

The original notion was to work with a double exposure technique using the Goddess bodies overlaid by sacred flowers, tree branches and leaf textures. In the heart of each mandala appears the particular astronomical body. The Goddesses hold court in each image - 4 in the Solar mandala, 3 in the Gaian mandala, 2 in the Lunar mandala, and 1 in the Venusian mandala. Additionally, various associated birds and power animals appear (Earth -> owl, Moon -> hummingbird, Sun -> hawk, Venus -> bat and rattlesnake).

Gaian Goddess Mandala

Lunar Goddess Mandala

Solar Goddess Mandala

Venusian Goddess Mandala

These pieces are current on view in the "Double Exposure" exhibit at the Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers thru April 27th. www.bluedoorgallery.org


Mario said...

We know that mandalas represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist, but when i was in High School i had an amazing experienced, because in my art class we had to make our own mandala and i decided to make a mandala with the theme of the Mayans. The Mandala became my knowledge of my culture, because i am from Mexico and I am proud to have a wonderful culture. The Mandalas for represent a a symbol of a dream of my culture.

-mg- said...


Very interesting! Would love to hear what that first Mandala was like (what images you used)... and are you still making them to track your dreams?