Power Totem in Memory of Herman

Herman, my loving cat friend, recent passed on under rather difficult and trying circumstances. I miss his company, seeing him stalking in the garden, petting him and hearing his contented purring. But I am catching glimpses of his spirit around the house and garden - a sudden black form moving by, seen out of the corner of my eye...

While performing healing ceremony for Herman, I came into contact with his guardian spirit - the Ocelot (who moved swiftly and silently through the jungle understory, a flashing of orange, yellow and black glimpsed behind the screening foliage.)

I decided to create this Power Totem to celebrate Herman's spirit, using the last photo I had of him from a few weeks back. During creation, I understood that I was to place three influential planetary energies arrayed in the sky: the Moon, Venus and Mercury. I placed him in a field of Nepita (Catmint), for obvious reasons.

Power Totem in Honor of Herman

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Angela Raincatcher said...

Blessings on you and Herman. What a lovely visual and energetic image to honor his life. What is remembered lives!