Custom Artwork Now Available - Spirit Mandala and Power Totem

I recently began to offer a new service:  the creation of custom artwork for folks interested in having a personal shamanic image to view and contemplate. There are currently two formats of artwork available: the Spirit Mandala and the Power Totem.

The Spirit Mandala is a visual medicine wheel based upon journey work that I undertake to discover relevant plant and animal spirits associated with you. The various helping spirits and symbolic energies are composed according to directional aspects (5 directions) of their influence. Often, specific location information (setting) is also provided to me.

The Power Totem is a totemic image created based upon a set of plant and animal spirits which you provide me and includes a shamanic portrait image (of yourself) in the composition. Although I perform journeywork as well, the content of this Power Totem is driven by your current needs or desires (as indicated by your list of animals and plants).

Artwork is created in high resolution digitally, typically 300dpi at 2500 x 2500 pixels. Custom formats can be accommodated. I supply the image to you on CD in various sizes of .jpg and as a full resolution .tif, ready for printer output.

Upon special request, I can have the image output by my own art printer at whatever size you want. The image is then rolled into a mailing tube and sent to you to be framed locally. (Framing costs and tastes vary. Shipping framed artwork under glass is always expensive and risky, so I try to avoid that option whenever possible possible.) The image output would be charged at my cost plus shipping fees -> for example: $50 for a 24"x24" print on archival 11 mil poster paper with an estimated $10 insurance, shipping & handling fee for USPS First Class delivery. Other output options are available including canvas and vinyl, again at printer cost.

Please contact me to discuss creation of your own custom shamanic artwork. My creative fee is $250 per image.

I also look forward to hearing reports about your reaction to the art - from clients I have already created work for I find that, as always, shamanic work is surprisingly "in tune" while revealing new (deeper) vistas for you to explore in your own journeywork.

Spirit Mandala

Power Totem

Other examples of these custom shamanic artworks are posted on this blog here and here.

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