Two journeys - one to GIla Monster and one that began with Sasquatch (Yeti)

The Gila journey I will write about later. The second journey revealed that the Sasquatch was a costume worn by my "root" Siberian shaman ancestor. He told me that this was one of his ritual outfits - it's really a skin and mask that is worn as a body suit.

Beyond the basic information about what Sasquatch represents energetically (etc.) , the shaman informed me that he was time traveling to me from his time in the remote past. He was reaching out (forward) o me as part og his normal shamanic process of "remote viewing" - except that he was reaching out to let me know that he had been building this timeline - the future that I inhabit - from his dreamspace. He said that he was drawing the future out from the possible timelines and focusing on creating a specific spacetime possibility. That he was reaching out to me to let me know that he was me and that "we" are Time Lords in the strictest shamanic sense - that we must build futures which embody our dream, desires, intents, morals, vision, etc etc.  So he's there to guide and support me as I begin to help build the time line from this point / peerspective...

Meanwhile, I have been involved in a project dealing with Bhutan. I have always been attracted to Bhutan since I saw an image of the mysterious temple (monastery) clinging to the sides of a cliff high in the clouded mountains. I know that I lived there many times as a monk and as head lama in previous lifetimes. During research for this project, I discovered (recalled) that Bhutan has a national myth about YETI (Sasquatch). As a kid, I used to collect triangular Bhutanese stamps with this Yeti image.

Who knew? From further research online: 

Among the most famous of "hairy hominids" is the Yeti, said to inhabit the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Actually there are three creatures referred to as the yeti. The Meh-teh is a man-sized ape-like creature with thick reddish-brown to black fur, a conical head, and long arms which reach almost to its knees. It always walks on two legs. The Dzu-teh is a large bear-like creature, usually seen walking on four legs but occasionally on two. It leaves behind clawed footprints. Locals say it raids livestock holdings. It is very likely to be some kind of bear. The Teh-lma is another ape-like creature, smaller than the Meh-teh. The Teh-lma is about three to four feet tall with a pointed head and reddish fur. They appear to subsist on frogs.


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