Maitreya - the Future Buddha

According to Buddhist teachings, at some point in the near future, another great Buddha will return to Earth to ensure the transition from a realm of delusion and Bardo to a Pure Realm of Bliss. This future Buddha's name is Maitreya.

In a meditation early this summer I was given a message that the time for major world change would soon arrive. That there would be a sign in the (south)west this fall or early winter which would unmistakably signal the start of the transition period. As I posted yesterday, this sign is obvious to all who take a few moments to look to the moon (in the southwest) at sunset - the conjunction.

Last night I took a photo in which one can clearly see the triangular conjunction with the moon to the top left, to the top right is Jupiter and at the bottom center lies Venus. From this I created a simple thangka of Maitreya as a dharma protector. May the energies of love and compassion guide you and protect you through chaotic times. May wisdom be your light.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! For its many sychonicities with my Here and Now. I have a son, that turned 15 months on Dec. 2, named Maitreya Xen. And on that evening, as with nearly all evenings, he and I walked the dogs and gazed upon the cosmos to see this same view! Maitreya pointed and then did the sign for "moon". I returned to meditate as he drifted into another reality.
Do you ever make prints availible?

In Lake'ch

-mg- said...

Nice story! Actually, I have been wandering around over the last few days realizing that I STILL feel the energies of the conjunction flowing through me. Powerful stuff.


Yes, I have done signed prints for folks on request.

They can be output in just about any size on glossy, matt or luster paper. (I prefer the luster paper myself.) I can get them mounted on foam core with a protective laminate front for direct hanging - although shipping this is expensive as it does not roll up but must ship flat. Alternatively, an unmounted print ships cheap in a tube. At your end, you can then get it framed or simply thumb tack it up!

Finally, I suppose I could send you a larger resolution file (150 dpi .jpg) that you could print out on your own printer - although often color matching is a bit off.

To give you a sense of prices, for professional output, its about $10/ sq ft for unmounted luster paper output, or $20/sq ft to have it mounted and laminated for protection. (Fractional sq footage is always rounded up by my output person.)

Would any of this work for you?

All I ask is that you do not try to resell the image in for-profit products without first talking to me.