Show of animation work at Upstream Gallery

The show runs from Jan 30 - Feb 23 (Thur-Sun 12:30-5:30) at the Upstream Gallery

As described in recent posts on this blog, my current digital photo-composite series Forest Gods and Jungle Spirits (2018-2020) continues an ongoing visual investigation of the flow of divine energies 'hidden in plain sight' in the world around us. The faces and forms of our own shared, yet dimly recalled, lineage ancestors and protective totem spirits are discernible within the leafy canopy of the old growth forest or within the darkly camouflaged jungle understory.

For this gallery show, I have loaded a digital frame with a collection of short 10-20 second animations based upon the Forest Gods and Jungle Spirits compositions, adding sound and motion to embody the ebb-and-flow of our connection to these hidden energies surrounding us. I've also utilized a range of ‘glitch’ image tools to help evoke the sensation of our too often ‘noisy’ connection with such ancestral beings/energies.

Photography 2020, a national juried exhibit

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