I've started to play around with various iPad graphics apps trying to see what might work for my imagery. I fell in love with 'Percolator.' I've been using it to create starry energy fields / auras around a figure, especially focused on CUs of the hands while in a meditation or yoga pose. Thus, the notion of the current MUDRA series.

I printed a number of them on this wacky silver 'holographic' paper which creates an interesting low-fi visual where black prints clearly but any color becomes a shimmery coat over the silver sparkle, seen best as certain angles. Well, I can't reproduce the effect directly via .jpgs. These have to be seen in person. (They are being shown in 'Photography Takes Over 2014' at the Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson - opening Sunday Feb. 2, 2-5pm.)

I have included a few of the 'base' images below (on white background).

And here is a colorful variant on one of these that I particularly like:

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