Memory Recalls... Venus Transit 2117

An email received from my cosmic astrologer and Ecstatic Body Posture instructor friend, Marianne:

After watching Venus/Sun events live from a web broadcast on Tuesday, I wondered "what will the NEXT Venus passage over the Sun look like, in 2117?"

Curiosity is a strange thing...when I pulled up the picture of the heavens for that day, I was stunned to see that the position of the Sun/Venus way in the future will be "just a claw away" from where the Eclipse of the Full Moon happened in the constellation of Scorpio just 30 hours before this current Venus passage in 2012! Talk about fore shadowing!!

It also makes me wonder what effect this day in our history will have for future generations to "recall"? Is it the shadow cast by the influence of hidden financial manipulations (Scorpio's realm) in politics, the likes of which this country has never "seen" before until this day in Wisconsin (re: failure of recall election)? 

And will the memory of our future "selves" in 2117 be searching for "clues" from our generation as to what we did to overcome the darkness and hopelessness that many are feeling about "who is really in control" of what sustains life here on Earth?

In 2117, the Venus passage occurs at 19 Sagittarius -- the Sabian symbol for which is: "Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young." As Dane Rudhyar explains, this symbol stresses the need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings. The search for a new way of life is seen by many people to be imperative. The race's survival has become a matter of extreme importance. Mankind itself is in such danger that a generation may have to sacrifice itself for the sake of its descendants.

Not the most uplifting of thoughts to consider this day -- but grave enough that perhaps people today can see clearly how much our entire Universe and planetary cycles link and imprint what happens in our life here on Earth (and the shadow Earth casts into space) with future generations.

I was imagining what it might feel like to be Venus -- waiting for this moment for her passage across the Sun, where her "dark side" receives a full imprint of the Sun's light (recall, it was her also dark side that imprinted the light of the Pleiades just two months before). I felt like it was a fragile moment of great beauty -- like a young girl when she finds the courage to reveal herself to her first lover and basks in the light of his admiration of her entire being. If there is a flow of love, the light begins to awaken a new path in each of them to unite for the creation of new life.

So, with Venus opening her Pleiadian-encoded heart to the Sun, I look to the power of unions -- newly formed unions. If the current plan of the Republican party where unions are concerned is to "divide and conquer" so they can rule our consciousness through control of commerce, I feel that we are at a transformative moment to see where the "hard-hearted ones" will take us, and where we will seek a "safer area for bringing up our young."

When I look at the energy of this division of consciousness, which has "ruled" for so long, it speaks to the dynamic of unity vs separation. When separation occurs, a new force of "control" emerges to balance the imbalance of 2. One side exerts force so the other responds and the other looks to a new position to exert a reciprocal force to attempt to stabilize from where the former "union" point once was. And this is what creates motion -- and the spiral path of energetic movement in response to a "force."

What is amazing is the energetic movement of Venus and how she holds balance in 5 directions/dimensions -- taking us out of the polarity of opposites and squares (the 4 directions) -- and into our hearts! The 5th dimension (from Barbara Hand Clow's "The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions") is: "a realm of light that centers in the human heart and is resonant with Earth's biological creatures and plants. For humans, the light's vibrational frequency is called Sahmadhi, the realizable human experience of communication with the divine. According to the Ps, the Keepers of 5D are beings from the Pleiades...they say a great spiral of stellar light from the Pleiades reaches our Sun, and our Sun is the eighth of the large stars of the Pleiades."

I look forward to the illumination this next New Moon in the last degrees of Gemini and Summer Solstice (6/19-20) will provide -- as we awaken to the band of light that is transmuting Earth and our hearts. 

Stay tuned...


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