A Murder of Crow

This weekend has been an "in your face" one in terms of signs and omens - crows showing up everywhere... I can't shake thinking about a "Murder of Crows" - "murder" being the medieval counting noun for a group of crows (a "flock" of crows being improper terminology). I wonder where that came from? From seeing a clutch of crows picking greedily away at carcasses of dead animals? From the cacophony of cawing coming from a bunch of crows hanging out together in some tall tree canopy?

The first crow made its presence unavoidable, insistent. There on the fence staring straight at me as I drove out of the supermarket parking lot. I thought of the Massive Attack song "Safe From Harm" whose lyrics seemed to capture the moment precisely: I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me to see me looking back at you.

The second occurrence today was equally notable. I was standing in the warm afternoon light when first one crow, then another, made their way noisily over my head and took perch high above in the almost bare fall branches of a large oak tree. Within moments a third crow came to perch and together they merrily squawked loudly back and forth. I got a strange sense that they had come to get my attention - and grab it they did - especially when the fourth crow showed up! Only this one was huge, twice as big as the others. One of the biggest crows I've ever seen.

So now I am left pondering what appears to be a clear message from my ancestor Shamanic spirits. "Wake up and pay attention!"? "We are watching over you!"?? or perhaps "Hey, what's up. Haven't heard from you in a while. We need to talk!"???

Mount Shasta with Spirit Guardian

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