Prayer for Protection and Guidance

Sky Protector

Namo Ratna Guru
You are the drum that ends the sleep of sentient beings.
You are the ambrosia that takes away the torment of suffering.
You are the moon that dispels the misery of the afflicting emotions.
You are the sun disk that dispels the darkness of ignorance.
You are the chief of physicians who dispels the sickness of the three poisons.
You are the supreme sword that cuts the bonds of samsara.
You are the vajra that destroys the confusion-wheel of self-grasping.
You are the weapon that cuts through wrong view and doubt.

- an excerpt from "Manifesting the Mystic Body" published in "Calling the Lama from Afar"

This Tibetan figure is Kalachrakra - Lord of Time - in a Yab-Yum pose with his consort (male/female energy in balance, the Union of Compassion and Wisdom Bliss). His many hands hold tools and instruments of protection, meditation, spiritual practice and offering. Upon reading the poem fragment, I immediately visualized this Protector image including Manjushri's flaming sword of Wisdom.

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