Chords of Light

I received this newsletter and the image of the rainbow cords of light made me think of the Prajnaparamita visualization - or of the full Tara Jewel Tree visualization...

Receiving Assistance from the Star Elders and Pleiadians
March 18, 2010 - A Message received in the Palace Courtyard in Palenque

The following is the first message that we received in the sacred site of Palenque 3/18, 2010. You can find other messages our website at www.alunajoy.com under the link titled "articles". We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us... the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Palenque (you can use this PHOTO for visual help):

We were standing in a circle inside the palace courtyard of Palenque… this is what I saw…

I see chords of light radiating out of the heart centers of everybody in this circle (and those reading this) and merging into a large beam of light in the center. So these chords of light are connecting all of our hearts to this huge beam of light. When they let me look where this beam of light is going out to, I see that it is going to the Pleiades. I am receive a instant feeling back from this area of our galaxy… from the ones watching us here right now. It feels like a really deep sense of gratitude, an appreciation that we are here with this intent, an appreciation for our focus, and our heart's calling to be of service to the earth. It is clear to me that they are our family. I know a lot of you in this circle (and those reading this) already feel this, but I don't see a single thread coming from any heart that is not connected to this place in the sky that the Star Elders came from, the Pleiades.

The Star Elders and Pleiadians are sending us a feeling of thankfulness that we are here because it took courage for us to come here. This reality is dense, it operates in linear time and has gravity. This world we live in is operating from a geometry, chemistry, and laws of nature that is not natural to who we originally are. This is why, even from a young age, we felt a little different from everybody else. We felt like our family was not our family. We felt like outsiders, because we actually are. We came here to anchor our beautiful energy to the Earth. Many of our ancestors had to leave because it was too dangerous for them to stay here. When this happened nearly all the rest of us went to sleep for awhile because it was too dangerous for us to stay awake. But there were little alarm clocks that began to go off, and with each alarm clock that went off, you began to remember again that you felt out of place, that you didn't belong here, that you were from somewhere else, and it made you start searching. These feeling taught you to be compassionate to people that didn't have the same opportunities as you, that had less than you, that felt like outsiders in other ways.

So our alarm clocks are going off in us, because it is safe for us to be here now. It is safe for us to have the knowledge and the wisdom that we went to sleep to protect. It is safe for us to be here, because the world is ready for what we have to offer. The collective consciousness is ready to wake up and to move into a new reality. There is enough awakening people now on Earth to create a tsunami that can't be stopped. It is a process that is already on its way.

The Star Elders and Pleiadians say that we stayed behind because we were the ones that had the most courage. We forgot how challenging day to day in 3D world could be, but yet we are still here. We are still standing up, we are still walking, we are still traveling, we are still talking, we are still writing, we are still doing our art, we are still doing our music, we are still finding ways to express what is deep in our hearts, and the world is ready for it now.

Excerpt from enewsletter by Aluna Joy. To read this mnewsletter in full, go to: http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/news04-2010-2.html

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