Upcoming Wesak Full Moon

This morning as I was driving past the local reservoir, I could see the almost mirror-still water through the pine trees. Breaking the calm with just a hint of a breeze, I saw a pattern of interfering ripples creating a sort of expanding checker board effect across the surface. Immediately my inner eye filled with Shri Yantra - the visualization of the sound of creation, the sound of universal breathing in and out: A-U-M (OM).

I continued along the winding road under the tall trees with their reaching branches just beginning to leaf out. Spring. I could palpably feel surging life energy, reaching up from the earth to the sky, tree sap rising from roots to limb, sunlight blessing newly unfurling leaves. Another breath in the cycle. OM.

Today is the Taurus new moon. In two weeks will be the full Buddha Moon of the Wesak festival (in the U.S. held at Mt. Shasta, the sacred heart of the western world; in TIbet held in the Wesak Valley at the foot of Mt. Kailash, the sacred heart of the eastern world.) Wesak is the time of gathering for masters and initiates, teachers and students, a time for celebration and for sharing of creative, compassionate energy. It is said that the Buddha appears to all, dispensing energetic blessings of renewal and well-being. To honor this lunar cycle, I created the following piece:

Healing Emanation

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Looks great, Mark