Alien Dreamtime live and in color!

I recently came across a blog by Steve Beyer, Singing to the Plants which has a great overview of one of Terrence McKenna's "masterpieces" - the Alien Dreamtime rant, rave, concert.

To quote:

"In many ways, Terence McKenna was a performance artist. With his distinctive voice and self-deprecating humor, he could make even his goofiest ideas sound compelling. One of his great performances took place on February 26 and 27, 1993, at the Transmission Theater, San Francisco, in a multimedia techno-rave event called Alien Dreamtime, which combined McKenna's improvised meditations with the neo-psychedelic visuals of Rose X, and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeriduista Stephen Kent."

Near the bottom of the posting is an embedded Google video player which links to a 60 minute recording of the Alien Dreamtime event complete with trippy graphics, great didgeridu and strange tales by the bard. Go check it out!

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